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Post by Dan on Thu Apr 14, 2011 9:36 pm

Where Weapons are sold

Ninja Tool Shop Mouth_10Concealed Mouth Ember
Description: Starts fires
Cost: ¥8 (per ember)

Ninja Tool Shop Paper_10Exploding Note
Description: +14 Damage
Cost: ¥150 (per note)

Ninja Tool Shop Explod11Exploding Pouch
Description: +7 Damage
Cost: ¥75 (per pouch)

Ninja Tool Shop Smoke_10 Smoke Bomb
Description: reduces enemy jutsu damage by 25% from lack of visability
Cost: ¥150 (per bomb)

Ninja Tool Shop Flass_10 Flash Bomb
Description: reduces enemy speed by 20MPH, and doubles the strength of the Nara Clan's shadow jutsu
Cost: ¥150 (per bomb)

Ninja Tool Shop Smoke_11Exploding Smoke Grenade
Description: reduces enemy jutsu damage by 50% from lack of visability
Cost: ¥375 (per Grenade)

Ninja Tool Shop Soldie10Soldier Provision Pills
Description:+ 5,000 Stamina (per pill)
Cost: ¥2,250 (for 3 pills)

Ninja Tool Shop Kunai10Kunai
Description: +14 damage
Cost: ¥750 (Per Kunai)

Ninja Tool Shop Makibi10Makibishi
Description: Cuts enemy Taijutsu/dodging Speed by 5MP per Makibishi, and deals 4 damage per Makibishi
Cost: ¥900 (for 4 Makibishi)

Ninja Tool Shop Senbon10Senbon
Description: +4 damage
Cost: ¥225 (for 3 Senbon)

Ninja Tool Shop Shurik10Shuriken
Description: +12 Damage
Cost: ¥375 (Per Shuriken)

Ninja Tool Shop Windmi10Windmill Shuriken
Description: +25 Damage
Cost: ¥3,750 (per windmill shuriken)

Ninja Tool Shop Umbrel10Umbrella
Description: -30 Damage when used as a Defensive tool. Can also be used to launch smaller weapons.
Cost: ¥1,125 Yen (Per Umbrella)

Ninja Tool Shop File11File
Description: helps escape from cages, and chains
Cost: ¥125 (per file)

Ninja Tool Shop Scroll10Scrolls
Description: Helps seal objects, summon objects, or preform jutsu
Cost: ¥750 (Per Scroll)

(Chūnin are issued a Standard Tanto)

Ninja Tool Shop Tanto10Tanto
Description: Does +20 Damage

(Custom Weapons may be Given by the Raikage)

Custom Weapons
Description: Does +40 Damage

Male Age : 29

Ninja Info Card
Total Ability:
Ninja Tool Shop Endl1045/60Ninja Tool Shop Empty210  (45/60)

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