Ryō and Bounty

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Ryō and Bounty

Post by Dan on Sun Mar 27, 2011 10:50 pm

Getting Ryō

Ryō is the Currency used in the world of Naruto
You gain ryō from Missions, and from defeating a ninja with a bounty on their head.

Using Ryō

Ryō can be used for paying hospital bills, Gabling, buying food, and buying supplies.

Mission Payments

Missions are paid by the Kage, who via the Administration pannel, may increase your Ryō by going to Modules, points donation, and adding ryo to your username.


Bounties can be placed on a ninja's head by another ninja, for something that ninja has done.
To place a bounty on a ninja's head simply click the + near the top of their post which provoked the bounty.

The bounty is a fixed amount, depending on the geographical location of the ninja.

When you place a bounty on a ninja's head, the ninja with the bounty will be given the same amount as the bounty in Ryō, as a bonus for the increase in danger they will face when they leave the safety of their village.

The bounty is rather small, but eventualy adds up to a lot of money.

Bounty Payments

You can be paid for a Bounty by defeating a ninja, than bringing the ninja to your kage, as a Prisoner.

The when the ninja becomes a Prisoner, they will either be interogated, or will be jailed, in both cases the prisoner may be able to escape, in which case the bounty may be gathered once more.

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